Crina MiclăusPhD Crina Miclăuș
(Associate) Professor 

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Department of Geology, Faculty of Geography and Geology, ”Al.I.Cuza” University Iași, 20A, Carol I Bvd, Iași 700505







  • process sedimentology
  • depositional systems in space and time
  • paleogeographic reconstruction
  • analysis of bounding surface in stratigraphic records
  • base level control on depositional system stacking
  • sequence stratigraphy
  • allocyclic controls on sedimentation
  • sediment provenance


  • sedimentary facies analysis
  • ichnologic analysis
  • petrography for sediment provenance
  • logging


  • Introduction in sedimentology and Depositional systems for undergraduates; Advanced sedimentology for Master’s Degree


  • Stratigraphy for undergradates; Sequence stratigraphy for Master’s Degree


  • H = 4; The total number of citations = 34 (Web of Sci)/36 (Scopus)/170 (Google Scholar)



  • Project type: Contracts 176/18.07.2011 and 243/20.07.2011-2012 Minister of Economy/no 15440/2011 and 19414/24.10.2012. Geologic study, regional evaluation and possible valorification pf gas shale from Romania – team member
  • Project type: PN II type IDEI no 975/2008, 2008-2010. The evolution of the eastern Carpathian foreland basins system during Late Miocene  (Moldavian Platform) – team member
  • Project type: PNCDI – PN II type Partnerships in priority areas. no PC 3788/09.2007-2010. The geo- and biodiversity of Bicaz Gorges – Hasmas National Park. Integrated study of geological, geographical, biological enrichment of the natural heritage of the park and expanding its boundaries. GeoBioHas – team member
  • Project type: PNCD II type IDEI no 146/1.10.2007-2010. Models for sediment budget assessment in relationship with the anthropic impact within a drainage area. Case study: Trotus River Drainage Area – team member
  • Project type: CEEX -MENER nr. 609 (78)/2005, 2005-2008. Management and ecological safety of natural resources of Prut Drainage Basin – team member
  • Project type: CEEX-MENER nr. 248/2006, 2006-2008. Ecological rehabilitation and sustainable management of areas having terrains deteriorated by deep soil erosion and/or landslides in Moldova (MARAVAL) – team membra
  • Project type: CEEX nr. 9603/2006, 2006-2008. The impact of climatic change and human intervenings on Danube hydrologic regime and cost sedimentary dynamics – DANUBERES – team member
  • Contract of Scientific Consultancy no. 19238/ 25.10.2006. Geology of the Voitinel Area (Suceava County); Beneficiary AURELIAN OIL&GAS London through S.C. FALCON OIL&GAS Romania S.R.L – Agreement Manager
  • Contract of Scientific Consultancy no. 911/2005. Sarmatian deposits of Moldavian Platform (distribution, faunistic content, boundaries, palaeogeography) – field, beneficiary REGAL PETROLEUM ROMANIA SRL – team member
  • Research Contract no. 3828/2005 with S.C. FALCON OIL&GAS Romania S.R.L. Geological study of 25 samples from Bilca 2 well (micopalaeontology, palynology, calcareous nannoplankton and correlation with Bilca 1 well) – team member




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