Viorel ILINCADr. Viorel ILINCA
Researcher, Geological Institute of Romania


Geological Institute of Romania, Caransebeș Street, no. 1, Bucharest, 012271






Geomorphology and natural hazards

  • Mass movement
  • Geomorphic hazards
  • Geomorphology and geology mapping
  • GIS applications in Geomorphology
  • Dendrogeomorphology


  • Valea Lotrului – an applied geomorphological study. TD/371/2007 – director.
  • Updatting the Geological Map of Romania at 1:500.000 and 1:50.000, funded by A.N.C.S., P.N. 09210101/2009 – member.
  • Inventory, assessment and mapping of geomorphosites. Case study: Dobrogea Plateau and Southern Carpathians, funded by C.N.C.S., PN-II-IDEI-1933/CNCSIS/2009-2011 – member.
  • The geo-biodiversity of Bicaz Gorges – Hăşmaş National Park. Integrated study of geological, geographical, biological enrichment of the natural heritage of the park and expanding its boundaries, funded by C.N.M.P., PNCDI-PN II/2007 – member.
  • River dymanics in the Bend Carpathians and Subcarpathians and land use management, funded by C.N.C.S./2004-2006 – member.
  • Quantitative analysis of some representative hydrographic basins from Dobrogea and land use management, funded by C.N.C.S./2004-2005 – member.


  • Ilinca V. (2014) Characteristics of debris flow from the lower part of the Lotru River basin (South Carpathians, Romania). Landslides, 11, 505-512.
  • Ilinca V., Gheuca I. (2011) The Red Lake Landslide (Ucigaşu Mountain, Romania), Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 6, 1, 263-272, Baia Mare.
  • Ilinca V., Comănescu L. (2011) Aspects concerning some of the geomorphosites with touristic value from Vâlcea County (Romania), GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites, IV,1, 7, 22-32, Oradea.
  • Ilinca V. (2009) Rockfall hazard assessment. Case study: Lotru Valley and Olt Gorge, Revista de Geomorfologie, vol. 11, 101-108, Bucharest.
  • Ilinca V. (2008) Relief dynamics in the area of Malaia Reservoir, Comunicări de Geografie, vol. XII, Bucharest (in Romanian).